Advocacy. Education. Marketing. for the NASA Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility in Sandusky, Ohio.

Promoting Intelligent Use of US Strategic Facilities

Ohio is home to the world’s largest proving grounds for testing space flight hardware before launch. The NASA Neil A. Arsmtrong Test Facility (ATF) is located on 6,400 acres of secure land just outside Sandusky. The facilities at ATF have helped to make Ohio a leader in the aerospace industry. Private aerospace companies from around the globe have tested their flight articles in conditions that simulate the vacuum, heat and cold of space. SpaceX and Blue Origin have utilized ATF recently and NASA tested the Orion Crew Capsule in the world’s largest thermal-vacuum chamber at ATF. This capsule will return American astronauts to the moon and on to Mars in the years to come. The NASA Armstrong Advocacy Coalition (NAAC) is working to ensure the ongoing success of ATF through advocacy, education, and marketing.

Ensuring the long-term viability of ATF and enhancing our region and state for future generations.


As a 501c6, NAAC sets and implements legislative priorities with local, state, and federal officials. In partnership with regional and state groups our priorities include constructing a 9,000′ runway, hypersonics, and DOD utilization of ATF.


With a focus on youth and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) NAAC’s Education committee identifies and develops educational resources, opportunities, and partners.


The Marketing committee leverages funds to develop and promote ATF’s brand. Private promotional support enables strategic marketing priorities and cultivates a positive community image of ATF.


Annual Membership in NAAC is $25 or free for youth (18 + under). Click here to join today!